School friends

‘Call me as soon as you get home,’ she chimed. ‘When have I not?’ said the other, assuring her. This was the daily conversation they had before leaving for home from school. Eight hours of school, shared classrooms, playtime, and several other activities wasn’t clearly enough for them. They had to catch up even more. […]


Some day there won’t be any music Because you and I have moved on… And the rain will stop pattering We’ve been soaked for far too long. Don’t lose hope, they say, Change is constant. But we have long changed the way. So let us as always chant Let us come and go, no falling […]


Atura had no father. And Rahiya, no mother. Atura’s mother was the wet nurse to baby Rahiya, Ustadji’s little daughter. They stayed in Ustadji’s house. Ustadji had a school in Romani, where Atura had mastered scriptures, language, and mathematics. Atura climbed on the terrace after completing her usual afternoon work, filling the pots, feeding Rahiya […]

The Monkey and the Candy

The monkey peeped over the wall Smiled and winked at the candy-girl He looked to his left and set his eyes On a pavement, lay his guise.   He leapt onto the empty side lane Not to be seen was indeed a pain But his little damsel was standing In the sun, profusely sweating.   […]