Porikolpona: A Fairy Tale

An effort to write in Bangla after a long long time. Please bear with me for spelling/grammatical mistakes, if any.


I have been thinking of the best opening line for this, but nothing comes to mind. For, with overwhelming emotions comes the risk of inaccurate articulation of the events that happened. So I will try to blurt it out without further ado. I still can’t believe this really happened. We had been to Jim Corbet […]


On an ordinary Sunday, as Ria sat for breakfast with her parents, her mind was very far away. She couldn’t forget the previous night. She couldn’t forget what she had experienced. And who would have believed her anyway? But maybe she could put down the words in her diary one day… whether someone read it […]

Lonely Night

The stars were going out. The stars were going out one by one. The clouds were turning dirty green, and the moon was light blue. The rain drops had frozen mid air–not exactly frozen, but they hung loose mid air and refused to obey gravity. And night had become a sparkling shade of cream! C […]

The Hawk

‘You are late by two weeks. You have to pay a late fine,’ the tall bony woman said, looking over her half-reading glasses. Her voice was somber and almost a whisper. She was extremely careful about speaking in hushed tones inside the four walls of the library. Being a librarian for almost two decades now, […]