Porikolpona: A Fairy Tale

An effort to write in Bangla after a long long time. Please bear with me for spelling/grammatical mistakes, if any.

School friends

‘Call me as soon as you get home,’ she chimed. ‘When have I not?’ said the other, assuring her. This was the daily conversation they had before leaving for home from school. Eight hours of school, shared classrooms, playtime, and several other activities wasn’t clearly enough for them. They had to catch up even more. […]


As I walked in my room almost after a year and after days of an insatiable desire to whomp down on my bed and catch on to the undeniably best sleep that I had in ages, I felt a vague sense of uneasiness. Scanning the room, I saw the yellowing Beatles poster that Dada and […]

Being grandparents

Excitement unbound, trepidation at his slightest defeat in mastering the new ways and energy plentiful…that is called ‘being grandparents’. At last they can let go of all the restricted love they had to maintain for their children lest they go astray, they can finally pamper to the fullest and uncontrollably so. The little cherub learns […]